Born in Ireland and raised in England, Ginger Sullivan knew a tucked-away life in a charming village. Her vanilla rose skin, sage eyes and flaming locks set alight every boy living in the understated hamlet. But Ginger sensed a beckoning caress on the wind. On her 18th birthday she waved goodbye to small-town life. She opened her spirit to a nomadic existence, welcoming the world’s persistent sensory assaults wherever she set foot. Her fingertips trailed through turmeric heaps in Indian markets. Her tongue burned with the ravages of Mexico’s chilli peppers. Italian plum tomato juices tickled her chin and breasts. Greece’s virgin olive oils softened her skin and played tenderly on her lovers’ tongues. All the while, she seasoned her life anew.

A few years in, life brought Ginger to a rural clinic in Africa. As a volunteer her outward altruism allowed her easy access to a nearby coffee plantation. As alluring espresso fragrances trailed chocolate and fruit through her life and heart, Ginger began to mature. Settling in a fast-paced hub she later entered the corporate world but continued to travel and sample life’s treasures in-between the diligent labour. Ginger took on crisp skirts, auburn waves neatly tucked into a bun, and allowed spectacles to chaperone the glint in her eyes.

Ginger is the girl who one week enjoyed zesty Tilapia at the source of the Nile River, and the following week delighted in
Arabian-inspired prawns and baladi bread at the mouth of the Nile. This is the girl who devoured the finest steak in Argentina and was lead into temptation by the rhythm of the local folk music. This is the girl who fell in love with aromatic curries, eating with her hands and listening to the greatest love story of the Taj Mahal. And, now she writes. Her books are alchemy, folding love for food into love for companionship and subtle tips to turn any household into a haven of passion and lasting love.

Friends and colleagues rely on her to be their foodie and relationship fundi often soaking up her wisdom over a glass of
ruby-black Merlot. She’s an incurable flirt, a smart, feisty, hopeless romantic with a healthy addiction to all things decadent and indulgent. She inspires her readers to seek out life’s pleasures in abundance – whether they’re homemaking or lovemaking.

She writes for singles opening their hearts to love, for couples, newlyweds, or long-term partners who’ve been at it for years and want to step it up a notch.

She writes for everyone who doesn’t just want to just live life, but who wants to set it on fire!

She writes for you.

I simply love The Honeymooner's Cookbook - it's innovative, juicy and tasty on so many levels. Indulge in this decadent, informative book written for every person who loves food and pleasure.

The Honeymooner's Cookbook by Ginger Sullivan - 52 weeks of food and sex. For food lovers who want to cook up a lasting love affair.
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Congratulations! You’re committed.

But what’s the secret ingredient in turning an ordinary honeymoon into a delicious and lasting love affair?

You survived the wedding and the influx of relatives. There’s only one thing left for you to do. It’s time to get down to honeymoon business! Woo hoo! But darlings, the honeymoon is a journey to be seasoned and savoured as time goes by. So, to launch your voyage of pleasure, Ginger has entwined a series of tantalising culinary creations with racy love-making inspiration for lovers to delight in. She’s whipped up this delightful collection of seductive and intoxicating ideas, just for you. The Honeymooner’s Cookbook is unashamedly sexy and risqué. Liberate your palate and your love-making, all the while cultivating an ingredient fundamental to an enduring affair – laughter shared between lovers.

You’re about to find out why The Honeymooner’s Cookbook has lovers giggling, licking their lips and hungry for more...

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